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Spanish selections for the European Championship, here the duo gelato&pastry chefs

The Spanish team that will participate in the European Gelato World Cup has been selected at the Intersicop.
The rules of participation ‘by right’ in the Gelato World Cup (CMG) have changed. Sigep will host the first European Gelato Cup in 2023, an elimination round in which the European teams that will participate in the 10th World Cup, to be held in Rimini in 2024, will be chosen.
The team that will represent Spain in this European qualification was selected on February 21, 2022, as part of the Intersicop. In the world competition, each team must consist of five members: a president and four professionals with knowledge in ice cream, chocolate pastry, ice sculpture and haute cuisine. Only two categories of professionals participated in this national test (a gelato maker and a pastry chef) who competed in the mystery box tests, single portions of gelato in decorated glasses and artistic gelato cake. The other components will be added later.
The gelato-pastry duo Adolfo Romero and Pepe Isla have been selected to represent Spain in 2023 in the new European Gelato Cup, an elimination phase in which the European teams that will participate in the 10th Gelato World Cup will be chosen, which will return to Rimini in 2024.
The selection took place on Monday 21 February, at the Intersicop fair, by a jury composed of Michele Bartolini, Carpigiani technician; Stefano Caruso, export director of Carpigiani, and the president of Anhcea, Marco Miquel.
As Romero explains, his buffet was dedicated to the phases of the moon. “In the lower part there is the moon and vertically a plate of chocolate sealed with different shades, ending with a final plate that would be the sky, the universe. In addition, the chocolate plates form the word moon”.
Inside the buffet were two pieces. On one side a glass with a moon half sphere (inside almond, honey and yuzu), on the bottom a cappuccino cake with crunchy almonds and a vanilla namelaka. On the other hand, a frozen cake in which there is a rocket inside “to go up and see what surrounds us much farther, in the universe,” he says. The cake consists of a coconut and yuzu ice cream, with a passion-vanilla interior and a strawberry and raspberry rocket. The base is of bitter almond sponge cake and is wet with a white icing and glazed inside with shades of gray. As a decoration, the star sugar rings with a ball in the center as if it were a planet.
For Romero, the Gelato World Cup is something very well known, since he was a member of the Spanish team that twice won the silver medal in the competition, in 2016 and 2018. For his part, Pepe Isla, Spanish Chocolate Masters 2015, is responsible for the research and development of Casa Isla, the reference brand for Spain.

Selections in Europe for the Gelato World Cup, now the Italian team at Sigep Gelato d’oro

The selections of gelato makers and pastry chefs of the Italian team for the sweetest competition ever: the Gelato World Cup, which returns to Rimini in 2024, will take place at the Italian Exhibition Group Sigep from 13 to 16 March 2022.

Gelato d’oro returns to Sigep 2022, the selection of gelato makers and pastry chefs who will enter the Italian team that will have to compete for one of the 12 places available at the 10th Gelato World Cup, the Gelato World Cup, which will return to Rimini in 2024.

The novelty, in the sweetest international competition ever, is the European championship which will have its first edition in 2023 and which will be a real “preliminary phase” of the teams made up, each, of a master gelato maker and a master pastry and chocolatier.

Therefore, the automatic participation “by right” ends and a new competition phase begins, marked by the selection of the Italian team, in collaboration with the Club Italia of the Gelato World Cup, the “preliminary” phase during the Gelato European Cup and, finally, the participation in the World Cup. The selection of pastry chefs in the Gelato Arena is set for January 23th next with two competition tests: the artistic piece in crunchy and a chocolate ice cream cake. The selection of the Gelato d’oro the professionists will instead take place in the semifinals, on 24th and March, with two competition tests – the “mystery cream” and the “mystery fruit” – and the final on March, with the creation of a single portion in glass and a gourmet gelato.

«The novelty of the European Cup – explains Giancarlo Timballo, president of the Gelato World Cup – joins the other two intercontinental selections. The fourth edition of the Latin American Cup to be held in Buenos Aires in June 2022 and the Asian Cup, in its second edition, scheduled for October 2022 in Singapore. To these will be added one in the USA. The Gelato European Cup will make the selections more severe and professional, with teams at the height of a world competition. The teams will also have a year and a half to train and refine their technique. The passage in this preliminary phase will be the test bench that leads to excellence “.

“A new beginning for a new organization – comments Flavia Morelli, Group Exhibition Manager of the Food & Beverage Division of IEG – which kicks off the” road to “that will lead us to Sigep 2024, in which the Gelato World Cup will be contested again, one of the key moments of this which is indeed a competition, but also one of the highest level training moments of Sigep ».

Meanwhile, national selections are taking place in Europe to access the European Championship next year. Spain has already made the selection, France and Poland are finalising the final preparations for the national eliminations.

Important agreement between Conpait and the Gelato World Cup

Conpait. The Confederation of Italian Confectioners and Gelato World Cup, known also as Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria, have signed a collaboration agreement in recent days for the promotion of all the events of the Gelato World Cup. Giancarlo Timballo, legal representative of Gelato e Cultura srl, and the president Angelo Musolino have decided to combine passion and professionalism. “Promotion aimed at all events relating to the Gelato World Cup and the events connected to it becomes essential to enhance the excellence of traditional Italian artisan gelato and school”, both assure. The agreement provides for “contributing to the development of the professionalism of the professions of taste and to promote friendship and collaboration between peoples”. The Gelato World Cup is a biennial event that involves professionals from the Gelato, Pastry, Chocolate and Ice Sculpture industries from all over the world, offering them a unique opportunity for discussion and professional stimulation. Thanks to the vast media visibility, it gives international resonance to the new trends in the artisanal gelato sector. “The Competition is organised and managed with seriousness, professionalism and fairness towards the competing nations and can boast the participation of a World Honorary Committee made up of the leading representatives of Gelato in the world”, reads the dedicated website. The historic headquarters and partner of CMG is Sigep, the Rimini Fiera International Exhibition of Artisan Gelato, Pastry and Bakery and Coffee.
The international event will take place in January 2024 and until then will see the national selections in various countries around the world and the European selection in 2023.
“Our commitment goes in the common direction of enhancing the excellence of Made in Italy. Together with all the professionals in the sector, we believe that cooperation can further grow the business. We are therefore more than satisfied with the agreement for the Gelato World Cup and we believe that unity of purpose between the parties is fundamental “.


5 days left before the start of the 9th Coppa del mondo della Gelateria and unfortunately Hungary has announced its withdrawal. The names of the participants and the jurors also underwent some changes. In particular, Alíce Diaz replaces Luis Sarmiento (Mexico) and Ja Afar Bin Haji Mohamad Ghazali replaces Ng See Yian (Singapore). Natalia Mendoza will take the place of Patricia Thomas in the press jury.

The President of the Gelato World Cup, Giancarlo Timballo comments: “Unfortunately, these last minute variations are part of any international competition that sees the participation of such a large number of champions. On behalf of the Committee, I wish ‘good luck’ to the 11 finalist teams, now in Italy for the final rush.”

The event, organised by SIGEP – Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) and Gelato & Cultura, will take place from 19 to 21 January 2020 in the South Hall of Rimini Expo Centre, during the 41st International Trade Show of Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Bakery and the Coffee World. Cheering on social media is higher than ever, in every corner of the planet. Below (in alphabetical order) all the members of the eleven teams.

ARGENTINA: The team leader is Maximiliano Cesar Maccarrone, in the team Mariano Zichert, Pablo Nicolas Renes, Matias Dragun and Ruben Darre.

COLOMBIA: The team leader is Julio Alberto Mojica Bolaños, in the team Laura Mojica, Nancer Giovanny Pabon Erazo, Hamilton Sisa Traslaviña and Carlos Eduardo De Avila Diaz.

FRANCE: The team leader is Stephane Augé, in the team Fouchereau Franck, Lamy Adrien, Moudni Nabil and Hasselbein Yoann.

GERMANY: The team leader is Günter Single, in the team Alexander Glagla, Federico Sacchet, Francesco Carrer and Giovanni Finamore.

JAPAN: The team leader is Kanjiro Mochizuki, in the team Naoki Matsuo, Kenichi Matsunaga, Kengo Akabame and Hiromi Nishikawa.

ITALY: The team leader is Giuseppe Tonon, in the team Marco Martinelli, Eugenio Morrone, Massimo Carnio and Ciro Chiummo.

MALAYSIA: The team leader is Au Yong Yung Yee, in the team Muhamad Rusmi Bin Che Dol, Siew Chee Wing, Jamaluddin Bin Zainal Abidin and Mustaffa Kamal Bin Othman.

MEXICO: The team leader is David Miranda, in the team Alicia Díaz Chavez, Eduardo Suarez, Julio Cesar Moreno and Gustavo Barbabosa.

POLAND: The team leader is Alexandra Sowa-Trzebinska, in the team Robert Burkat, Michal Wisniewski, Maciej Pieta and Grzegorz Radajewicz.

SINGAPORE: The team leader is Ng Chee Leong, in the team Miller Mai, Pang Yoon Hwa, Jason Tan and Jaafar Bin Haji Mohamad Ghazali.

SPAIN: The team leader is Lluís Ribas Guardià, in the team Albert Soler Miquel, Albert Roca Badia, Mayte Rodríguez Gigante and Lluc Dalmau Vall.

12 technical judges: the 11 team leaders and Pier Paolo Magni as President of the Jury. On the field, we will see three experienced technical commissioners: Sergio Colalucci, Sergio Dondoli and Gaetano Mignano.

Press jury: 10 international journalists specialised in gelato, pastry and F&B: Emanuela Balestrino, Bernard Bedaridà, Luis Concepción, Stefan Elfenbein, Manuela Rossi, Margo Schatcher, Yumi Hasegawa Picone, Mariarosaria Bruno, Victor Sokolowicz and Natalia Mendoza will assign a special award to the best Gelato Cake.

Artistic jury: Lorena Gava (historic curator, Italy), Stephan Didier (MOF Chef, France) and Adolfo Romero (Gelato Champion, Spain) will assign a special award to the Final Grand Buffet.

Each team consists of a gelato chef, a pastry chef, a chef de cuisine and an ice sculptor. The 12 team leaders will judge 8 trials in 3 days (single-portion in a glass, mystery box, gelato-cake, entrée of haute cuisine, ice- and brittle- sculptures and the new trend of gelato-snacks, in addition to the final Grand Buffet, which is the presentation of all the creations).


Sunday 19.01.2020

  • First trial: Decorated tray (until 10: 50 am)
  • Second trial: Mystery Box – unveiling of Mystery ingredients, extraction of the boxes and start of Mystery Fruit/Cream trial
  • Mystery Fruit Presentation – 1:00 pm, until 2:50 pm
  • Mystery cream Presentation – 3:00 pm, until 4:50 pm
  • Award for ‘Best Decorated tray’ given at 5:00 pm, PreGel awards
  • Ice sculptures: teams 1 and 2 until 11:15 am, teams 3 and 4 until 2:40 pm, teams 5 and 6 until 6:00 pm (the teams will be drawn at the Arena at the start of the race)

Monday 20.01.2020

  • First trial: Single-portion in a glass – until 10:50 am
  • Second trial: – Entrée of haute cuisine – until 2:30 pm
  • Third trial: Gelato-Snack – until 5:20 pm
  • Ice sculptures: teams 7 and 8 until 11:10 am, teams 9 and 10 until 2:40 pm, teams 11 and 12 until 6:00 pm

Tuesday 21.01.20

  • First trial: Gelato cake – until 12:15 pm
  • Final Grand buffet: two teams per round starting at 1:30 pm, one shift every 10 minutes until 2:20 pm
  • 3:30 pm: end of the race (including box cleaning)
  • 4:00 pm: Award ceremony

Fans and gelato-lovers can enjoy real-time updates on Facebook (the official profile is “Coppa Mondo Gelateria”) and on Instagram (@gelatoworldcup). The official hashtag for this edition is #CMG2020.



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