#CMG2018 Partecipants Unveiled

Selezione squadre CMG 2018 Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria

Twelve national teams from Europe, North and South America, Asia and Oceania have been chosen to compete for the sweetest title ever and are almost ready to surprise with cool flavours combinations.

Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, France, Japan, Morocco, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, USA and Ucraine (for the very first time) have been announced their teams and will be in the spotlight at the 8th Gelato World Cup, that will take place in the huge South Hall of Sigep – Rimini Expo.

The event will see 12 selected national teams facing 7 different challenges: from gelato to pastry, high cuisine and ice scupltures. Each team will be composed by a gelato chef, a chef, an ice sculptor and a pastry chef, and it will be trained by a Team Manager who will be part of the international jury.

For the very first time in the history, Italy won’t take part at the Gelato World Cup.
New rules and regulations state that the winning nation of a Gelato World Cup will have to miss the following edition. Italy, the birthplace of artisan gelato, always got a podium placement in the latest competitions so next Gelato World Cup will see Italy only as host and audience.

International selections and official presentations in the various countries lasted 18 months and just ended.

Selezione squadre CMG 2018 Coppa del Mondo della GelateriaA big news will be the participation of Ukraine, that one month ago presented in Kiev its team to the press and to the president of the World Honor Committee of the Gelato World Cup PierPaolo Magni.
Team members presented a black bread & salt gelato, a champagne risotto with shrimps and a melon gelato plated dessert. In the team: the baker Elina Boyko, the gelato artisan Olga Baisara, the chef Yuri Priemsky and the sculptor Sergei Dyshlevoi, led by Massimo Jelarti at the head of the gelato shop Gelarty who strongly wanted to create the team.

Selezione squadre CMG 2018 Coppa del Mondo della GelateriaOn September 22nd, in Tokyo, the official presentation of the Japanese team to the press and again to the president of the World Honor Committee of the Gelato World Cup PierPaolo Magni took place in Tokyo. The team, led by the team manager Marco Morinali, will be composed by the gelato artisan Taizo Shibano, the pastry chef Tomohiro Sugawara, the chef Paolo Colonello and the ice sculptor Koichi Hirata.

At Oregon Coast Culinary Institute in Coos Bay, Oregon, the presentation of USA’s top professionals to represent the nation in the 2018 Gelato World Cup . The winning team is composed by the chef instructor Randy Torres, Team Manager, the gelato chef Stefano Biasini, the executive chef Chris Foltz, the chef instructor Lyn Wells and Darrell Folck, Baking & Pastry Chef Instructor at Oregon Coast Culinary Institute.

After winning the Bronze Medal in the seventh edition of the Gelato World Cup, Australia re-launches with its booming team, enriched by a stellar member. Once again, chaired by a veteran of the event, Martino Piccolo, is composed by the gelato chef Donato Toce, director and chief executive of Gelato Messina and Messina Creative, the pastry chef Andre Sandison, Leading Culinary Director of Le Cordon Bleu Sydney, the ice sculptor William Bo Song and Thomas Mitchel, considered a star of cooking in Australia.

The Gelato World Cup, a two-year event organized by Gelato e Cultura srl ​​and Sigep of IEG Italian Exhibition Group spa, is dedicated to the artisans of gelato, pastry, chocolate, coffee and high cuisine, selected among the best professionals of the 5 continents. It offers a unique opportunity to compare and stimulate individual excellence.
Sigep is the world’s largest and most comprehensive B2B trade show on gelato and artisan confectionery since 1979, maintaining and consolidating its undisputed leadership. Sigep, who will shortly celebrate his 38th edition, is in fact addressed to the professional operators of the five continents, and has always anticipated market trends and valued the excellence of the Made in Italy. Spain will return this year with the same composition after long training sessions to win the world title.

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