Mistery Box #CMG2018

Mystery Box 2016 Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria

 The products will be delivered by the entrepreneurial excellence Made in Italy:
Caffè Camardo, Granarolo, Maryia Ilieva’s Rose, Muzzi, Stefania Calugi, Vicentini

Rimini, 26 October 2017 – Among the eight trials of the next edition of the Gelato World Cup, that will be held at SIGEP 2018 (Rimini Fair, 20-24 January 2018), Mystery Box is certainly one of the most fascinating to the public and absolutely the trickiest one for the 12 competing teams (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, France, Japan, Morocco, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA).
Mystery Box is the hardest test, it measures skills, preparation, and fantasy of the gelato masters. The challenge is to prepare a good artisan gelato with unknown ingredients offered by one of the Mystery Sponsors. The surprise ingredients (one for each of the 12 teams) will be sorted out immediately before the competition.
With the mysterious ingredient – which often becomes the characterizing element – the team will have to prepare a gelato recipe and make it in a tight time. The product will be evaluated by the jury, which will also be able to evaluate the recipe made for the event.
It will also be a combination of genius: the genius of the masters and one of the élites of Italian agri-food companies that will carefully choose the ‘surprise ingredients’ to entrust to the fantasy of the gelato makers.
Mystery Box test offers a double challenge: each team will have to prepare a unique gelato flavor (on an artisan cone by Ostificio Prealpino), created with a secret ingredient and announced to the competitors only at the start of the test. The participants will be able to match exclusive fresh produce, herbs, spices, etc., all selected within a very limited range.
In addition, another cone must be prepared with a flavor produced with a type of frozen fruit pulp sorted out by the competitors and provided by the Golden Sponsor Capfruit with a mandatory combination of a spice/herb/vegetable.
Gelato World Cup, a two-year event, organized by SIGEP – Italian Exhibition Group and Gelato&Cultura, compares the culture and the preparation of gelato, pastry, chocolate and high-cuisine professionals selected from the best experts in the five continents.
At the 39th edition of SIGEP, the world’s leading salon for artisan gelato and confectionery, new market trends will be announced and the excellence Made in Italy will stand proudly.

Caffè Camardo 1048
Four generations of very good coffee. The mix of different origins comes from South America, Africa, Asia, to ensure the quality of a product now divided into six lines.
Camardino Coffee also cares for the training of the operators and organizes training courses starting from the knowledge of the fundamental concepts, synthesized in the 5 M: Blend, Macinadorator, Express Machine, Operator Hand and Maintenance.

The dream of a cooperative and excellence milk chain was born 60 years ago, with the founding of the cooperative that would become Granlatte, the largest producer of milk in Italy. The product offered for the Mystery Box is Ricotta Granarolo, a great classic of Italian pastry and ice cream, whose use is rooted in the traditions of southern Italy.

Maryia Ilieva’s Roses
The Damascena rose represents the symbol of beauty, it is a flower with unique, sober, delicate and feminine properties. It is cultivated in the famous Valley of Roses in Bulgaria where there are rosettes that for over 350 years allow to carry on the tradition of products that provide well-being and harmony. This flower generated one of the most original ingredients offered to the Mystery Box: the Rose Damask Rose Petals.

Antica Pasticceria Muzzi is an established Italian company, specialized in confectionery production and marketing. The company ingredients within origin and/or composition not derived from Genetically Modified Organisms. The product presented at the Gelato World Cup is the renowned Panettone Muzzi. Familiar to the unique aroma and the softness, it is created from high-quality raw materials and slow and scrupulous preparations.

Stefania Calugi
The company was founded in 1987 in Castelfiorentino (FI), in the heart of the Tuscan countryside. Stefania Calugi started selling fresh truffles to restaurants by selecting products from a trusted truffle network found by her father Renatoyears before. In addition to fresh and frozen products, the company offers a range of preserves, currently composed of about 150 references. Since 2015, all corporate products are gluten-free and in 2017 the first vegan references were launched.

The company produces one of the most appreciated candies in the world, the historic Mou Polacca, among the most popular in Italy too. The Mou Polacca is crafted according to the ancient original recipe, by using only simple and genuine ingredients: butter, sugar, milk. A quality product, beloved in UK and USA. Vicentini is a fourth-generation Italian confectionery company based in Thiene, in the upper Vicentino.