World Committee of Honour

The World Committee of Honour is a Board established after the sixth edition of the Gelato World Cupin support of the organizing committee.
The presence of persons of high professional value in the field of ethics and professionalism is a guarantee that the Committee will be responsible for ensuring that, thanks to the authority of its members, transparency, fairness and reliability of the races and the correct interpretation of the Rules of Gelato World Cup.

Maestro Pier Paolo Magni

Vice President
Kamal Rahal Essoulami – Marocco.

Jean-Claude David – France,
Stefano Lucchini – Germany,
Martino Piccolo – Australia,
Aleksandra Sowa – Poland,
Alejandro Tedeschi – Argentina,
Giancarlo Timballo (CMG president)
and the organizing committee of the CMG.