Gelato World Cup 2018

One of the most awaited events of SIGEP.

Argentina, Australia, Brasil, Korea, France, Japan, Morocco, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, USA and the new entry Ukraine were the selected teams for CMG 2018. The teams faced 7 different challenges: from gelato to pastry, high cuisine and ice scupltures. Each team is composed by a gelato chef, a chef, an ice sculptor and a pastry chef, trained by a Team Manager who is also part of the international jury. For the first time ever, Italy, undisputed protagonist of the competition, didn’t compete as required by the competition regulations.

France won the competition.

During the 4 days, the Teams challenges themselves in Gelato Making, Pastry Making, High Cuisine and Artistry. 

Each team chose its own theme for the competition – excluded the Mystery Box challenges.

Temi Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria 2018 Sigep Rimini

#CMG2018 Live Journal

Tuesday 23/01

On the last day, we saw the Teams take care of the details of their work for the Final Gran Buffet. In the afternoon, the Award Ceremony honored France (3654 points) followed by Spain (3609 points) and Australia (3483 points).

Special Awards:

International Press Award – Argentina
Best Gourmet Gelato – Japan
Best Mise en place – Australia
Best Ice Plint – Switzerland
Most Innovative Flavour in the Mystery Box test – Australia
Aesthetics Award
– France
Carlo Pozzi Award for Order and Cleanliness
– France

Monday 22/01

On the third day, the Decorated Cup challenge, followed by the Mystery Boxes and the creation of two brand new Gelato based on the secret ingredients drawn by lot by each Team Manager.

Sunday 21/01

During the second day, the teams ended the Ice Sculpture trial; simultaneously in the morning took place the Entrée competition: three hot finger food combined with Gourmet Gelato. In the afternoon, the Gelato Snacks challenge.

Saturday 20/01

The competition starts with the first part of Ice Sculpture, the Decorated Gelato Pan and, in the afternoon, the Gelato Cake. The spectacular Gelato World Cup Arena is the chosen location for the SIGEP Opening Ceremony which took place at mid-day.

Friday 19/01

The teams set up their boxes and took part in the official photo shoot.