11 teams took part in the ninth edition of the Gelato World Cup, from the 19th to the 21st of January 2020 at Sigep, Rimini.

The national teams selected for the 2020 Gelato World Cup span from Asia to Latin America, with a European heart that has never been so strong. The biennial event signed by SIGEP-Italian Exhibition Group and Gelato&Cultura confirms the willingness to compare the knowledge, the creativity and the innovation of gelato chefs, pastry chefs, ice carvers and executive chefs that have been selected as the best experts throughout five continents.

11 teams took part in the competition:

Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Argentina and Colombia.

This is the first edition where all the teams have been officially selected by the Committee of the “Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria,” as they supervised different competitions around the world. The selection process started 16 months before the Gelato World Cup with the competition at Feria Internacional del Helado in Mexico City (February 2018). It was followed by the Asian Gelato Cup at FHA in Singapore (April 2018), the Longarone Eis Challenge (December 2018), and Sigep Gelato d’Oro (January 2019). The selections in Warsaw (Expo Sweet) and Madrid (Intersicop) occurred in February 2019. Recent competitions were held at the Valrhona headquarters in Tain L’Hermitage, at Fithep in Buenos Aires and in Budapest (Hungary).

Each team consists of a gelato chef, a pastry chef, a chef de cuisine, an ice sculptor directed by a team leader.

8 trials in 3 days: single-portion in a glass, mystery box, gelato-cake, entrée of haute cuisine, ice- and brittle- sculptures and the new trend of gelato-snacks, in addition to the final Grand Buffet, which is the presentation of all the creations.

The Award ceremony took place on the 21st of January.

1. Italy
2. Japan
3. Argentina

Teams and Themes of CMG2020

Theme: Pirates of the Caribbean

Theme: Galeone San José, Cartagena des Indias

Theme: Asterix and the Romans

Theme: Berlin

Theme: Flower of music

Theme: The secrets of the forest

Theme: Circus

Theme: Sea legends

Theme: Pure Nature

Theme: City Garden

Theme: Abracadabra


12 technical judges: the 11 team leaders and Pier Paolo Magni as President of the Jury. On the field, three experienced technical commissioners: Sergio Colalucci, Sergio Dondoli and Gaetano Mignano.

Press jury: 10 international journalists specialised in gelato, pastry and F&B: Emanuela Balestrino, Bernard Bedaridà, Luis Concepción, Stefan Elfenbein, Manuela Rossi, Margo Schatcher, Yumi Hasegawa Picone, Mariarosaria Bruno, Victor Sokolowicz and Natalia Mendoza assigned a special award to the best Gelato Cake.

Artistic jury: Lorena Gava (historic curator, Italy), Stephan Didier (MOF Chef, France) and Adolfo Romero (Gelato Champion, Spain) assigned a special award to the Final Grand Buffet.