Gelato World Cup 2003

Teams: Belgium, France, Italy, Morocco, Luxembourg, Poland and Switzerland

The first edition marks a great start. The trials are: Gelato Triumph, Decorated Gelato Cups, Gelato Cake, Gelato Dessert, Sugar Baseboard, Ice Baseboard, Ice Sculpture.
The winning team France sets the competition on a high level, having two Mofs, the vicepresident of French Gelato makers and a world champion as team members. From this edition, the team training lasts one year and a half, at least.

1 – France
2 – Belgium
3 – Italy

Francia 2003 Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria

France wins the first Gelato World Cup with a high level team: Jean Claude David (Vicepresident of NFMC), Alain Chartier (Mof), Gerard Taurin (Mof), Yves Gerla.