Gelato World Cup is back in 2024, the tenth edition of the Gelato World Cup scheduled at Sigep in Rimini in January 2024.

In the meantime, around the world are taking place the selections for the 12 teams that will be part of the international championship in 2024.

In view of the 10th edition of the Gelato World Cup, Gelato & Cultura is introducing a new intermediate race: the Gelato Europe Cup, the national teams selected in European Countries will have to compete in a semi-final like in South America with the Gelato Latin America Cup and in Asia with the Gelato Asia Cup. Therefore, each European nations must be selected in the semi-final with gelato and pastry chefs competitions.


«The news of the European Cup – explains Giancarlo Timballo, president of the Gelato World Cup – joins the other two intercontinental selections. The fourth edition of the Latin American Cup to be held in Buenos Aires in June 2022 and the Asian Cup, in its second edition, scheduled for October 2022 in Singapore. To these will be added one in the USA. The Gelato Europe Cup will make the selections more severe and professional, with teams at the height of a world competition. The teams will also have a year and a half to train and refine their technique. The passage in this elimination phase will be the test bench that leads to excellence “.

“A new beginning for a new organization – comments Flavia Morelli, Group Exhibition Manager of the Food & Beverage Division of IEG – which kicks off the “road to Gelato World Cup” that will lead us to Sigep 2024, in which the Gelato World Cup will be contested again, one of the key moments of this which is indeed a competition, but also one of the highest level training moments of Sigep ».

Another novelty for the tenth edition of the Gelato World Cup is the internationalization of the name of the competition, which from the Italian Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria has been made official in English Gelato World Cup with the update of the Cup logo. In the translation, the term Gelato has been retained to emphasize the craftsmanship of Gelato.

New logo for the Gelato World Cup, the stylization has been maintained, but the shape and colours of the cup that represents the international competition now in its tenth edition have been made clearer, making the logo more representative of artisanal gelato.