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Gelato World Cup 2018

Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria 2018
“Gelato World Cup”
20-23 January 2018
Sigep, Fiera di Rimini

The eight edition of Gelato World Cup – Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria – is set to launch during Sigep, the biggest international trade show of artisan gelato, pastry, bakery and the coffee world, organized by IEG Italian Exhibition Group and held in Rimini (Itay) from January 20th to 24th, 2018.

The Gelato World Cup, a two-year event organized by Gelato e Cultura srl ​​and Sigep of IEG Italian Exhibition Group spa, is dedicated to the artisans of gelato, pastry, chocolate, coffee and high cuisine, selected among the best professionals of the 5 continents. It offers a unique opportunity to compare and stimulate individual excellence.

Twelve national teams from Europe, North and South America, Asia and Oceania have been chosen to compete for the sweetest title ever and are almost ready to surprise with cool flavours combinations. Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Corea, France, Japan, Morocco, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, USA and Ucraine (for the very first time) have been announced their teams and will be in the spotlight at the 8th Gelato World Cup, that will take place in the huge South Hall of Sigep – Rimini Expo.

The event will see 12 selected national teams facing 8 different challenges: from gelato to pastry, high cuisine and ice sculptures. Each team will be composed by a gelato chef, a chef, an ice sculptor and a pastry chef, and it will be trained by a Team Manager who will be part of the international jury.

Two new challenges add a twist at the eighth edition. First of all the decorated gelato tray produced with one or more types of Valrhona chocolate. The platinum sponsor of Gelato World Cup returns puts in the spotlight new trends and eternal traditions in the gelato and pastry market. Then, chocolate gelato snacks, one-half serving gelato portions of the average weight of 50 grams, decorated and aligned with the theme chosen by the team. This is a real opportunity to evaluate not only taste and professionalism, but also the aesthetics of gelato and pastry artisans.
The gelato artisans will also have to prepare a gelato cup containing at least one ingredient of Comprital platinum sponsor and a gelato cake.

They will have to pass the Mystery Box skill test too. They will have to create a gelato flavor (and to explain the recipe / composition), using secret ingredients drawn and given only at the start of the test, to be presented on a cone crafted by Ostificio Prealpino. Mistery Box test is made up of a further double difficulty: gelato can match some fresh produce, herbs, spices, etc. to be chosen in a limited range.
In addition, another cone must be prepared with a flavor produced with a type of frozen fruit pulp sorted by the competitors and provided by the Golden Sponsor Capfruit with a mandatory combination of a spice or herb, or vegetable herb.
Everything will be orchestrally realized by the teamwork of professionals involved by using the most innovative machines of Carpigiani, Golden Sponsor of the Gelato World Cup.

Chefs, on the other hand, will have to prepare three hot finger food recipes in combination with the gourmet gelato chosen by each team. The tests will be carried out using Electrolux platinum sponsor machinery.

Throughout the race days, the artistic trials will be the background of the entire competition, creating moments of pure spectacle for the realization of sculptures valued with special attention to aesthetics, technical skills and focus on the Grand Buffet Finale theme.

The teams will have to create an ice sculpture, which will be performed every day in front of the audience. They will also have to create a gelato tray with inclusions of flowers, fruit, dried fruits, vegetables, spices or other edible ingredients that will make the base to the cake.
The teams will also have to make a nougats sculpture that will be evaluated by an artistic jury in the Grand Buffet Finale. The sculpture was introduced last year with the aim of reviving an ancient tradition, reinterpreting it with modern forms.

Everything will take place in the South Hall of the Sigep in front of the public, streamed on and and commented on social with hashtag # CMG2018.

International selections and official presentations in the various countries lasted 18 months and ended in October 2017.

For the very first time in the history, Italy won’t take part at the Gelato World Cup.
New rules and regulations state that the winning nation of a Gelato World Cup will have to miss the following edition. Italy, the birthplace of artisan gelato, always got a podium placement in the latest competitions so next Gelato World Cup will see Italy only as host and audience.

The world champion italian team on 2016 was led by Diego Crosara from Altavilla Vicentina (VI) and composed by the gelato maker Luigi Tirabassi from Subiaco (RM), the chef Alberto Carretta from Thiene (VI), the pastry Antonio Capuano from Riccia (CB) and the ice carver Amelio Mazzella Di Regnella from Bacoli (NA). The team partecipated with the theme “il contrasto del mare”- “the sea contrast”.
Silver medal for Spain who participated with the theme “Red riding hood”.
Bronze medal to Australia with the theme “Treasures and mythology of the Pacific”.

The Gelato World Cup, a biennial event organized by SIGEP – IEG Expo and Gelato e Cultura, compares the culture and the preparation of gelato, pastry, chocolate and culinary professionals selected from among the best experts on the five continents.