Mystery Box CMG2020

The products will be supplied by top-ranking Made in Italy entrepreneurs:
Azienda Agricola Galano Osvaldo, Borsci, Caffè Camardo, Granarolo, Jiangsu Xinpin Tea Co., Ltd., Lotus Bakeries Italia s.r.l, Norohy e Pregel

The Mystery box is the most complex of the eight challenges that make up the Gelato World Cup (staged at Sigep in the Rimini Exhibition Centre, from 19 to 21 January), where the skill, preparation and imagination of the master gelato makers are measured. The challenge is to prepare a good artisanal gelato with the basic ingredient supplied by one of the Mystery Sponsors, selected by the 12 teams by means of a draw just before the competition.

The Gelato World Cup is a biennial event, organised by SIGEP and Gelato e Cultura, in which professionals compete from the gelato, pastry, chocolate and haute cuisine sectors, selected from among leading experts on the five continents.
The historic venue and partner of the event is Sigep, the world’s largest and most complete B2B trade fair for artisan gelato and confectionery which, since 1979, has maintained and consolidated its undisputed leadership. Sigep, which will be celebrating its 41st edition in January 2020, is focused on professional operators from all over the world and has always anticipated market trends and enhanced the excellence of Made in Italy.
The twelve teams taking part in the ninth edition of the Gelato World Cup are: Italy, Argentina, Colombia, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Hungary, Singapore and Malaysia.

The Italian brands, front runners on the national market in their sectors, which have decided to support the event with one of their prestigious products, are:

Azienda Agricola Galano Osvaldo

Mystery Box CMG2020

established in 1942 and located in the heart of Sorrento. It produces fresh Sorrento lemons with the PGI mark, peels and the lemon juice for gelato makers, distilleries, pastry shops, restaurants and other food preparations.

Caffè Camardo

Mystery Box CMG2020

The history of Caffè Camardo spans four generations and began when Bartolomeo Camardo, during a trip to South America, learned the secrets of coffee growing. The first coffee roasting plant was opened in 1951 and today it covers an area of 20,000 square metres at the Campobasso plant in Molise. It was Bartolomeo Camardo who inaugurated the tradition, successfully carried on by his sons Felice and Giuseppe.
The entire production chain is followed with dedication, from slow roasting to skilful mixing, up to packaging. The individual coffees that make up the blend come from the world’s major producing countries.
The range of products is divided into the following lines: Ho.Re.Ca., Retail, Compatible pods and capsules, Camardo System, Gourmet products. Particular attention has always been paid to the Ho.Re.Ca. sector, to which training at the Academia Master Baristi® is dedicated.
With an eye on innovation, the recent successes of the Baya Roja® projects – selected Arabica varieties of excellence from the best coffee and organic coffee growers in the world – are pleasant and concrete evidence of a job backed by experience and quality.
Tradition, passion, excellence, respect, human relations: these are the values in which the company believes and which it transmits in its daily work. All this is contained in every cup of Caffè Camardo.


Mystery Box CMG2020

the dream of a collaborative and excellent milk supply chain took on concrete shape 60 years ago, with the establishment of the business concern which was to become Granlatte, Italy’s largest milk producer cooperative. It was this which, thanks to a process of growth and acquisitions, gave rise to the Granarolo Group and to the quality which distinguishes it. Today, the company represents Italy’s major milk production chain and the only one based on an integrated production system, where the entire process is controlled and managed in close collaboration with the best local producers. Together with them, the Granarolo Group follows all the process phases: from the production of the raw material to the distribution of the finished product at sales points, so as to ensure targeted, programmed and quality-oriented production.


Mystery Box CMG2020

Norohy is the upshot of the meeting between Vanilla producers and pastry professionals, Trimeta in Madagascar and Valrhona in France. A successful union with a single vocation, that of offering its customers the best of two worlds: the know-how of the producer and the experience of the pastry shop.


Mystery Box CMG2020

An international reality with a family imprint specialising in the production of ingredients of the highest quality. Since 1967, PreGel products have been synonymous with safety, confirmed by the most important international certifications and obtained every year with the highest score according to BRC and IFS Food standards. Every day, PreGel works with passion and respect in order to offer its customers innovative and technologically advanced solutions, to accompany them in a successful future. Their products will be used during the Gelato World Cup.


Mystery Box CMG2020

The history of Gruppo Caffo 1915 goes back over a century and is based on passion, competence and values that have remained unchanged to this day. The Group markets over 50 products – including Il Vecchio Amaro del Capo, a reference product and the most loved by Italians with a more than 30% market share at large-scale distribution level – all of which made
with the best and strictly natural ingredients, to offer consumers the best of traditional Italian liqueurs using local raw materials from Calabria and other Italian regions. Combining experience and innovation, the activity of Distilleria F.lli Caffo, the first and historic brand of the Group, has grown rapidly in recent years and is now the focus of a modern group, one of the most important in the field of spirits with branches abroad, in Germany and in the U.S.A. In recent years, the company has grown, choosing to invest in new acquisitions: some of the most prestigious brands and historic distilleries to protect the excellence of Italian liqueur production and preserve its quality and traditional processing systems. The first to join the Group was Distilleria Friulia (formerly Distilleria Durbino and Grappa del Doge), followed by Borsci, the historic producer of Elisir Borsci San Marzano, established in 1840, and the oldest liqueur of southern Italy still on the market; Amaro S. Maria al Monte, and Limoncino di Portofino. Recently, the historic Mangilli – Cantine e Distillerie Friulane – was acquired, famous for its assortment of fine grappa and Friuli wines, including two Prosecco DOCs in the extra dry and brut versions. The Group is thus present in a new “spirits and beverages” market segment in a particularly positive historical phase, completing its range with a product relating to aperitifs and mixology, launched on both the Italian and international markets. In addition, the Group has established the Calabräu Brewery in Vibo Valentia, dedicated to the production of award-winning craft beers.

Jiangsu Xinpin Tea Co., Ltd

Mystery Box CMG2020

founded in March 2001, is a Chinese leading conglomerate company which focusing on tea plantation, production, technology development and tourism. After nearly 20 years of developing, the company now has 65 employees, with 250 hectares of self-owned tea farm. In addition, the company has an alliance cooperation with over 350 household surrounding farmers, who can now supply the raw material from over 1000 hectares. Jiangsu Xinpin Tea Co., Ltd, is located in Changzhou City of Jiangsu Province, the East China, which is 250km from Shanghai and 150km from Nanjing.
The company now has owned 30,000 sqm of standardized factory, research and development center and offices, importing and developing the latest high-tech of production equipment and workshops. With cooperation of Nanjing Agricultural University, Jiangnan University and Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the firm has now established the Academician Workstation and is recognized as the Provincial agricultural science and technology enterprises. Currently, the company has gained 11 items of approved invent and patents and is the Provincial industry leading enterprise, that has kept the increasing of sales by 10% per year since recently 5 years.
The products have a leading position on the same industry market, and gain estimate 30% of the Chinese market, and also popular in overseas markets such as Czech Republic, Germany, the USA and Singapore etc. It is popularly to apply in bakery, sweets, beverage and ice cream fields. Until now, the company has fully passed the quality management system certification as FSSC22000/ISO22000, HALAL, FDA, and product management certification as USDA, EU organic and other related certificates, all the products have established food safety traceability system.

Lotus Bakeries Italia s.r.l.

Mystery Box CMG2020

was established in 1932 in Lembeke and now operates worldwide in the field of gourmet and natural snacks, including the brands Lotus, Lotus Biscoff, Dinosaurus, Peijnenburg, Annas, Nākd, TREK, BEAR and Kiddylicious. Headquartered in Belgium, Lotus Bakeries is a dynamic, internationally-oriented company with manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands, France, Sweden and South Africa, as well as 20 sales organizations in Europe, America and Asia. Lotus Bakeries also works with business partners in around fifty countries worldwide. Lotus Bakeries employs around 1,900 people. Maintaining a healthy balance between tradition and innovation, the brand pampers consumers with a unique assortment of tasty, high-quality products. The secret of Lotus Biscoff lies in the unique taste, distinctive design and delicious crunchiness of its biscuits. The unique flavour of caramelised biscuit has been incorporated into a spreadable cream and an ice-cream. The Lotus brand also offers a wide range of other confectionery specialities. The Swedish pepparkakor biscuit speciality: thin and crispy biscuits flavoured with ginger and cinnamon. Under the brands Nākd, TREK and BEAR, Lotus Bakeries offers tasty snacks made from completely natural and unprocessed ingredients with no added sugar. Kiddylicious focuses on healthy snacks for infants, children and pre-schoolers. On the Italian market, Lotus offers Lotus Biscoff biscuit as a complement to coffee, but also Lotus Biscoff grain and biscuit spread as an ingredient in the preparation of delicious cakes, gelatos and semifreddos.