Maximiliano Cesar Maccarrone Argentina Coppa Mondo Gelateria 2018

Maximiliano Cesar Maccarrone, Team Manager

Born in Buenos Aires, Maximiliano Cèsar Maccarrone, is an ice cream specialist and a pastry expert. Since 1997 he is founder and owner of “El Podio”, an ice cream distribution chain. At present, he owns five ice-cream parlors, an ice-cream factory and a patisserie factory. He actively and constantly participates in the management of the family ice cream parlor created by his father “El Cervio” and he is a member of the directive commission of AFADHYA, the Association of Artisan Ice Cream of Argentina. In 2011 he organized the first National Ice Cream Championship in Argentina and in 2013 he competed as Team Manager of his team at the Latin American Ice Cream Cup.


Martino Piccolo Australia Coppa Mondo Gelateria 2018

Martino Piccolo, Team Manager

Born from migrants from Calabria, Martino Antonio Piccolo grew up absorbed in Italian culture. According to his opinion to create the perfect ice cream, it is necessary to never stop improving and therefore learn. He is the founder and owner of the Australian ice-cream parlor “Michelangelo-The Art of Gelato” and he was elected Ice Cream Champion in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania. In 2014 he participated as an international judge at the Gelato World Tour in Rimini and at the last edition of the Ice-cream World Cup he competed as Team Manager of the Australian team, ranking in third place.


Frederico Jardim Samora Brasile Coppa Mondo Gelateria 2018

Frederico Jardim Samora, Team Manager

The first successes of the Brazilian ice-cream chef Frederico Jardim Samora arrived in 2006 when he competed with the Brazilian team at the Ice-cream World Cup, winning the Best Cone award. In 2010 he received the title of The Best Brazilian Teacher from the University of Carpigiani and in the same year he was part of the organizing committee of the 1st Brazilian Artisan Ice Cream Cup. In 2011 he was vice president and founding member of the Brazilian Association of Confectioneries and Ice cream parlors and in 2015 he competed with the Brazilian team at the Latin American Ice Cream and Pastry Cup.



Joseph Aimar, Team Manager


Marco Polo Molinari Giappone Coppa Mondo Gelateria 2018

Marco Polo Molinari, Team Manager

Marco Polo Molinari comes from a long generation of restaurateurs. He began his career in France working for the starred chefs Alain Ducasse, Paul Bocuse and Joel Robuchon. He will leave France to move to Italy working for Gualtiero Marchesi and Gianfranco Vissani. In his career he was a consultant to Ferran Adrià and Gordon Ramsy. In 1998 he moved permanently to Japan becoming an university professor and teacher of cuisine and pastry. In 2010 he was elected Japanese Chef of the Year and in 2016 he guided his team at the Ice Cream World Cup, ranking fifth. This year he was awarded as the Best Pastry Chef of Asia.


Otmane Boumaziane Marocco Coppa Mondo Gelateria 2018

Boumaziane Otmane, Team Manager

The pastry chef Otmane Boumaziane comes from Casablanca, in Morocco. His career began in 1993 but a few years later he began to deal with the design and development of production lines related to confectionery to be exported to France. In 2000 he received the Degree from the National Confederation of French Confectionary and two years later concluded his training at the Academy of Chocolate in Belgium. Since 2005 he has been a member of the Committee for Food Security and today he is the General Secretary of the Moroccan National Federation of Culinary Arts and Confectionary. In 2008 he won the award for the Best Ice Sculpture in Rimini.


Sebastian Szmyd Polonia Coppa Mondo Gelateria 2018

Sebastian Szmyd, Team Manager

Polish Pastry Master Sebastian Szmyd begins his career in Confectionery. In 1997 he ranked second in the Polish Young Pastry Championship and the next year he partecipated to the World Championship of young pastry chefs in Barcelona winning a gold medal for his marzipan sweets. Since 2000 he has been responsible for training the best pastry chefs in his country. In 2015 he ranked first in the World Trophy of Pastry and Ice Cream Chocolate in Milan.


Guillem Jordi Spagna Coppa Mondo Gelateria 2018

Guillem Jordi

Guillem Jordi, a Catalan professional chef, has enriched his professional career working in Europe and abroad. French cuisine has characterized much of his initial culinary education and among the most enthusiastic work experiences there is that at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum Restaurant. He will work whit American starred chefs moving to Chicago and working both at “Grace Restaurant” and “Elizabeth Restaurant”. In 2014 he was one of the finalists in the race for the Best Catalan Chef and two years ago, during the last edition of the World Cup of Gelato, he ranked second together Spanish team.


Giuseppe Piffaretti Svizzera Coppa Mondo Gelateria 2018

Giuseppe Piffaretti, Team Manager

Born in Mendrisio, in the heart of the Canton of Ticino, Giuseppe Piffaretti is a very talented Baker Master, Pastry Chef and Confectioner. Today he is the owner of La Bottega del Fornaio and a consultant for the Society of Bakers and Confectioners. He is a member of the Callebaut Ambassador Club in Zurich and for several years has participated in the television programs of the RSI, the radio and television network of Italian Switzerland. His panettone was ranked first in the Art & Pastry, the Festival of high pastry in Lugano as the Best Traditional panettone. He has participated in five editions of the Ice-cream World Cup and he obtained two bronze and one silver medals.


Massimo Gelarty Ucraina Coppa Mondo Gelateria 2018

Marksim Golubev in arte Massimo Gelarty, Team Manager

Marksim Golubev in art Massimo Gelarty is an expert ukrainian ice cream maker. He has dedicated his entire career to ice cream. After many years dedicated to the production and sale of ice cream, he decided to give life to a very personal project: he started the Ice Cream Studio Gelarty in Kiev with the aim of maintaining the original and traditional aspect of ice cream in Ukraine too. The ice cream produced in his studio is based on exclusively natural products such as egg yolk, chicory extract and citrus fibers. What is the result? A delicious ice cream made with creativity and passion and a game of varied and lively flavors.


Randy Torres USA Coppa Mondo Gelateria 2018

Randy Torres, Team Manager

The american Chef Randy Torres received his training at the Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California and currently teaches at the Oregon Coast Culinary Institute. He has worked in private clubs and hotels around his country and he nationally and internationally competed as a member of the USA Team and he won Gold Medal at the Cooking Olympics in Erfurt, Germany, in 2008. He coached the US Youth Team, placed first at the Scot-Hot Culinary Grand Prix in Glasgow, Scotland and whit ACF Culinary Youth Team USA he competed in Cooking Olympics of the 2012. The next year he received the award for the Best ACF Western Region Educator.