CMG presents Club Italia

Club Italia CMG Gelato World Cup Club Italia Coppa del Mondo della Gelateria

The CMG Organising Committee has convened the first meeting of the future Club Italia CMG, calling some of the past editions’ champions: Beppo Tonon, Maurizio Alessi, Luigi Tirabassi, Alberto Caretta, Luca Mazzotta, Francesco Falasconi, Marco Martinelli, Leonardo Ceschin, Filippo Novelli, Sergio Colalucci, Amelio Mazzella and Antonio Capuano. Missing (for various reasons) some other champions, such as: Stefano Venier, Marco Giovine, Roberto Rinaldini, Lucia Sapia, Andrea Olivero, Gabriele Ferro, Felice Nichilo, Gaetano Mignano, Ernst Knam, Stefano Biasini and Massimo Carnio, but they will join the others on the day of the official foundation.
The meeting took place at CastAlimenti in Brescia on the 12th of September 2018 and the official constitution will soon be scheduled.
The Club’s aims are: supporting the Gelato World Cup during the trials and during the competition, organising activities for professional education, finding new sponsors and supervising the communication.